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Public Workshops, Training, Master classes and Speeches

Edo van Santen participated in or gave the following public or public accessible workshops and trainings.

Coaching and training organised specifically for individuals (VIP and Speaker Coach), companies or organizations (Custom and In-Company), are not published here.

"Thanks to Edo, my future presentations will be a totally new experience. Not just for my audience, but for myself as well."

Workshops, Training, Coaching and Speeches in 2018

✓ Elevator Pitch training Horti Heroes Academy
✓ Pitch Coaching Lolo's Bites for AH/Ahold Product Pitch Contest (winner) and Winner Present Your Startup 2018
✓ Pitch Coaching finalist EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award
✓ Pitch Coaching finalist Koning Willem I Prijs
✓ Camera training Monochrome Watches
✓ Elevator Pitch training NHL Minor Ondernemen
✓ Elevator Pitch training Fokker Technologies
✓ Pitch Coaching finalist Microsoft Ventures Innovate.AI Global Startup Competition
✓ Presentation coaching Board of Directors Tesorion cyber security
✓ Guest Speaker Elevator Pitch at i-Sociaal-Domein
✓ Presentation training Brancheorganisatie Geboortezorg
✓ Business Coaching for Life Plan Design
✓ Presentation Coaching for tender Volker Infra
✓ Public Speaking Coaching Emma Voerman
✓ Presentation training Provincie Noord-Holland
✓ Guest Speaker Elevator Pitch at MBO Taal Academie

Workshops, Training, Coaching and Speeches in 2017

✓ Elevator Pitch training Netherlands eScience Center
✓ Elevator Pitch training Fokker Technologies Academy
✓ Elevator Pitch Jury Seats2Meet 10 Years Event
✓ Elevator Pitch Coaching Seats2Meet 10 Years Event
✓ Public Speaking coaching Kubo Group
✓ Public Speaking training Arrange Group
✓ Guest Speaker Sales Pitch VMWare Benelux Sales Event
✓ Elevator Pitch training Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona
✓ Guest Speaker Elevator Pitch Dutch Flower Group, with HamiPlant, OZPlanten
✓ Sales Pitch training Accenture, Paris, France
✓ Public Speaking training Sitecore
✓ Sales Pitch training Philips Lighting
✓ Elevator Pitch training Heineken
✓ Guest in radioshow BNR Gangmakers listen (dutch)
✓ Article "How to Write the Perfect Elevator Pitch"
✓ Guest speaker "Communicate with maximal impact" Dermatologist Conference Abbvie
✓ Guest speaker Elevator Pitch at AIOS event Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland
✓ Camera and Presentation training Farmers and
✓ Presentation training Envoker Internet Marketing
✓ Elevator Pitch Masterclass Villa 96
✓ Elevator Pitch training BeStart Accelerator
✓ Presentation training BNP Paribas Cardif
✓ Elevator Pitch training NHL Minor Ondernemen
✓ Elevator Pitch Workshops HvA Career Event
✓ Presentation coaching Board of Directors Volker Wessels (IPO, Initial Public Offering at Euronext, via Reggeborgh)
✓ MC, Host and Guest Speaker Elevator Pitch Talant Care
✓ Elevator Pitch Coaching participants New Dutch Wave SXSW 2017 (South by Southwest), Austin TX USA Watch video
✓ Guest Speaker Elevator Pitch exhibitors Mobile World Congress, Holland Pavilion, Barcelona
✓ Guest Speaker Elevator Pitch sponsors Mobile World Congress, Holland Pavilion, Barcelona
✓ Elevator Pitch Coaching Cash Discovery
✓ Business Coaching Worth Internet Systems
✓ Presentation Coaching Kadaster
✓ Guest Speaker Elevator Pitch Fokker Technologies Academy
✓ Guest Speaker Elevator Pitch Vereniging voor Juridische Interim-Professionals

Workshops, Training, Coaching and Speeches in 2016

a.o. Netherlands eScience Center, Stichting Mama Vita, Brandweer Brabant-Noord, Yes!Delft LaunchLab, SkillsLab TU/Eindhoven, Elevator Pitch coaching finalist Real Estate Agent of the Year, Juridische Faculteitsvereniging Rotterdam (Erasmus University), PhD candidates and Postdocs in Science at UvA and VU, Luqo, KPN New Business, NHL Minor Ondernemen, NHL HRM, ParkBee, HAN Hogeschool Arnhem, PickThisUp, Hello Energy, Ferring, Philips, Yes!Delft LaunchLab, Philips Belgium, Tech Entrepreneur Community (TEC-x), Philips Health Care, Utrecht Inc Pressure Cooker, Elevator Pitch coaching finalist Seven Ventures Pitch Day Munich Germany, Groeiversneller, Presentation coaching speakers medical congres, Presentation coaching chairmen medical congres, finalist #UberPitch, Campus Party Netherlands Event #CPEU4, Vertalersvakschool Congres, Philips 125 Years, Villa '96, Spaarne Gasthuis Academy, Philips, Groeiversneller, Yes!Delft LaunchLab, NHL Minor Enterpreneurship, Interview in De Volkskrant on The Perfect Elevator Pitch (read pdf, dutch language), HvA Career Day, Interview The Perfect Pitch in De Zaak (dutch language), NS Nederlandse Spoorwegen, AbbVie, Arpa Training en Consultancy

Workshops, Training, Coaching and Speeches in 2015

a.o. Expert Guest in Radioshow on Elevator Pitch BNR Business News Radio, Wervingsdagen Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Yes!Delft LaunchLab, Port4Growth, Randstad Commercieel, Utrecht Inc Pressure Cooker, Netherlands eScience Center, Master class Pitch on Camera for teachers TU Delft, NHL Minor Ondernemen, Oncological Center Amphia Hospital, TIO University of Applied Sciences, ING Bank Diversity, Brandweer Twente, MC and Host TEDxFryslân video opening TEDxFryslan by Edo van Santen (2 minutes), Climate-KIC Eneco Launchpad, Utrecht Inc Pressure Cooker, NHL Communication, Talent @ HvA, Train-The-Trainers De Baak, Yes!Delft LaunchLab, The Lean Scientist, Deltares, WSD Group, Mercurius Wageningen, Groeiversneller, Guest Speaker in Dutch radio show Uur van Puur at Radio Aalsmeer hosted by Anna-Maria Giannattasio (@puur), NHL Minor Enterpreneurship, Groeiversneller, HKU LEF Conference, finalists Energy Challenge TU Eindhoven, Vodafone Healthcare Innovation Day 'Connected Patiënt', Teachers Health and Care of Drenthe College, Villa96, StartMeUp Utrecht

Workshops, Training, Coaching and Speeches in 2014

a.o. Wervingsdagen Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Euroforum Clean Tech Business Day, CZ Labs, YesDelft LaunchLab, Climate-KIC, Game Changers 2014 for MT Management Team, Utrecht Inc, Utrecht Life Sciences, Utrecht Science Park, Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht, Universiteit Utrecht, IDfuse, Medical Informatics Symposium UvA/AMC, NHL Minor Entrepreneurship, Gopher Groningen Organization for PhD Education and Recreation, NeVaCon Netherlands Real Estate Congress, Business Festival Amersfoort MNL14 watch videos, Coolblue, ScienceInc, Yes!Delft LaunchLab, ClimateKIC, eFactor Global Pitch Event, Amsterdam Global Change Institute (AGCI), ACE Venture Lab Bootcamp, ACE Venture Lab, Guest at Business News Radio BNR Vermogen on The Perfect Elevator Pitch, PhD Day Erasmus PhD Association Rotterdam EPAR, Groeiversneller

Workshops, Training, Coaching and Speeches in 2013

a.o. YesDelft LaunchLab, Netherlands eScience Center, Startup Weekend Utrecht, Game Changers 2013 Event for MT Management Team, Recruitment days Technical University Eindhoven, Crowdale - Online Executive Education view webinar here, Extraordinary Stories Fair, Yes!Delft LaunchLab, Meet The VC Event Yes!Delft, view blog (Dutch), Teachers at Drenthe College, Business Festival Amersfoort MNL13, De Broekriem, Annual Congress Zorgimpuls, Sector Day GVO en HVO, Maccabi Netherlands Business Club,, Minor Entrepreneurship NHL, YesDelft, LifeSciences@Work, National Entrepreneurship Week, Edo van Santen: 'A good pitcher is an emotion broker (Dutch)', The Best Quotes of the National Entrepreneurship Week 2013 (Dutch)', Heritage in Motion, The Best Idea of NHL Hogeschool Leeuwarden, GoShort Festival Breaking Ground, Annual Conference 1ste Lijn Amsterdam, Media Battle HU, Utrecht Inc, see Video interview

Workshops, Training, Coaching and Speeches in 2012

a.o. Upgrade Welzijn 2012 Event, (video elevator pitch winner video runner up), Breaking Out Congress Zoetermeer, Breaking Out Congress Amsterdam, Minor Entrepreneurship NHL, GNR8, Pressure Cooker for Entrepreneurs, Study Society SEPAM Curius Delft, More Business Amsterdam, Media Battle Centrum Entrepreneurship and Media Technologie (CMT) Hogeschool Utrecht

Workshops, Training, Coaching and Speeches in 2011

a.o. Studium Generale Groningen, GNR8, UpgradeWelzijn Event, Staples Office Center Event, BreakingOut Congres Amsterdam, BreakingOut Congres Rotterdam, Jury at Elevator Pitch Contest JCI030, Groningen Political Youth Contact, Business Bootcamp and Open Circles Academy, Food Innovation Award and BioDiversity Innovation Award New Venture 2011, Mercedes Benz Blue Efficiency Award, program of SME Innovation Top-100 Syntens, Mindz Business and Woman, Seats2Meet, Utrecht, 7th National Congress Health Promotion and Prevention

Workshops, Training, Coaching and Speeches in 2010

a.o. The American Way, The16, Congress The New Youth Work MO-Group, The Pitch of the Week Radio broadcast AmsterdamFM, Jury Elevator Pitch The Best Idea of Amsterdam, Radio broadcast AmsterdamFM, Breaking Out Congres 2010, Moderator and Interview with writer Andrew Keen for eFactor and ACE (Book: "The Cult of the Amateur - How the Internet is killing our culture), VU Amsterdam, The Best Idea of Amsterdam West, University of Amsterdam Business Bootcamp, HvA Startup Factory, ABN-AMRO Summer School Entrepreneurship 2010, TV program Elevator Pitch 2010 of AT5 TV, New Venture, MediaPark Annual Congress 2010 with TalentsMedia, Dragon's Den finalists Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden, Haarlemmer-MeerBorrel Hoofddorp, University of Amsterdam, Student Entrepreneurs 020, SPARK 2010 (Educational Festival on Creativity and Innovation) RAI Elicium, LiveWire, Dragon's Den finalists Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden

Workshops, Training, Coaching and Speeches in 2009

a.o. NetPlusWork Alkmaar, LiveWire finalists NOM Talent Pitch Award 2009 provinces Groningen, Friesland and Drente, Global Entrepreneurship Week / Unleashing Ideas, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Chamber of Commerce Starters Day Amsterdam, Mindz / Fresh in your head!, annual staff conference Syntens, ABN-AMRO/CASE Summer School Entrepreneurship 2009, New Venture, Breaking Out Congres 2009, finalists Dragon's Den at Drenthe College Emmen, Royal Academy of Art The Hague, TV-show Elevator Pitch 2009 of AT5 TV, IJmond Veelzijdig, De Werkhoven Networks

Workshops, Training, Coaching and Speeches in 2008

a.o. ICA and Carp, Seats2Meet, LiveWire finalists NOM Talent Pitch Award 2008, Witteveen, CWI Alkmaar, HigherLevel Forum, AmsterdamFM radio, Social Media Event [SME08], Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Breaking Out Congres 2008, Broos van Erp Contest 2008, National ICT Event, Arena Business Group

Workshops, Training, Coaching and Speeches in 2007

a.o. finalists of Broos van Erp Contest 2007, National ICT Event, Hogeschool van Amsterdam Minor Entrepreneurship, Erasmus University Rotterdam Master program Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturing

Workshops, Training, Coaching and Speeches in 2006

a.o Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Minor Entrepreneurship, Hogeschool InHolland Haarlem, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Master program Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturing, Holland Innovation Event 2006, Xing, NCD Netherlands Center for Directors and Supervisory Board, Make a Move chapter of AIESEC Maastricht University, IBIS, Interactive Business for Innovative Students

Workshops, Training, Coaching and Speeches in 2005

a.o. Ministry of Economic Affairs, Holland Innovation 2005 Event

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"I was captivated by his relaxing and confident way to make his point about giving a good presentation that people remember. Edo knows exactly what he wants and likes, and is not afraid to say that too. Using the course material Edo provided, and the lots of interesting examples he gave during the seminar, I was able to construct my own effective elevator pitch. Next time you see me and the elevator doors close - you're mine!"


Phone Office: +31-85-246-0154

Mobile: +31-6-109-609-09

(if Mobile not available,
call my Office please)

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