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Pitch and Speaker Coach

Individual Presentation coaching, training and guidance

Sometimes a group training session simply isn't an option, due to your particular position, message, insider knowledge or proprietary know-how.

Situations such as a business acquisition, merger, reorganization, planned redundancies or your upcoming performance on that TV show or TEDx Event - preparing for these situations privately can be difficult.

This might be because these are often situations in which you must deliver an optimal presentation only once, involving information you might not want to share beforehand.

"Thank you for all your help! Is was extremely useful (and still is :-)"

Confidential Training and Coaching

You can arrange to receive individual training or coaching in a private room, or on-line coaching. Your training and the message you intend to communicate will be subject to the strictest confidence, with no one present except yourself and Edo.

You will have the opportunity to fine tune your message using his methods and techniques until you are 100% certain and comfortable with going forward. Failure is not an option.

Individual Speaker Coaching

For individual coaching, Edo offers the following programs:
✓ Gold Coach Program,
✓ Platinum Coach Program,
✓ Diamond Coach Program.

✓ Gold Coach Program

The half-day Gold Coach Program, teaches you the structure, methods and techniques of a Succesfull Elevator Pitch, Sales Pitch, Speech or Presentation.

Result: You know how to prepare and book great results.

✓ Platinum Coach Program

The one-day Platinum Coach Program teaches you, besides the structure, methods and techniques of a Succesfull Elevator Pitch, Sales Pitch, Speech or Presentation, how to maximize your influence to your audience.

Result: A perfect pitch or presentation with maximal impact.

✓ Diamond Coach Program

In the multiple-day Diamond Coach Program, Edo guides you from start to finish in your preparation and execution of your speech, pitch or presentation. Besides the optimal structure, methods and techniques, we design and build the contents of your speech, pitch or presentation, and we keep enhancing until it is perfect. If desired, we rent the premises where you have to deliver, just for the two of us.

Result: A winning pitch or presentation with maximal impact. 100% trust, 100% impact.

"Failure is not an option"

Looking for an Executive Speech Coach? For those exceptional circumstances, Edo van Santen offers the VIP-Service. His guidance will be completely customized to any of your targets, wishes or skills. Naturally, it's strictly confidential as well. There’s no standardized approach for this kind of thing; it requires a custom solution!

Eliminate any potential risks or mistakes.

100% Certainty, 100% Results!

Edo van Santen as your Coach/Trainer or Speaker?

Contact, Information and Booking:

E-mail: edo@edovansanten.nl

Phone: +31-6-109-609-09

Call Edo van Santen at +31-6-10960909

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Exclusive and Individually

Edo van Santen: The Elevator Pitch and Presentation Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Strictly Confidential


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E-mail: edo@edovansanten.nl

Phone: +31-6-109-609-09

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