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Edo van Santen, Pitch and Presentation Coach

Edo van Santen (1958) is an Elevator Pitch Coach, Media Trainer, Presentation Trainer/Coach, Video Interviewer, presenter and innovative entrepreneur. Since 2005, Edo van Santen has been guiding ambitious, innovative and enterprising people in delivering their presentations or Elevator Pitches as effectively as possible. Edo has helped multiple companies 'achieve lift off'.

"Edo taught me how to enjoy giving a pitch in front of a jury, a skill I can use for the rest of my life. Thank you, Edo!"

More than 30 years experience, but still young at heart

Edo van Santen has over 30 years of experience. Not just in coaching and training individuals, but also as a businessman in the hectic international world of banking and the ICT industry. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as ABN Amro, Chase Manhattan and KPMG in Amsterdam, New York and Silicon Valley, helping clients all over the world. In 12 years' time, he established the ICT company Qubus, which was acquired by KPMG.

Top trainer with unique content

In addition to getting the best out of his clients as a coach and trainer, Edo is also an experienced entrepreneur and investor. Edo has worked in the corporate world, for SMEs and in venture capital. This enables him to not only optimize your presentation techniques, but also to offer you advice on the content of your presentation or elevator pitch from an insiders perspective. He can teach you to tailor your message to your target group, putting banks, venture capital and informal investors, fellow entrepreneurs and potential clients all within your reach.

Former companies

Venture Capital Coach was established in 2005. Edo worked at the company as a business coach specializing in Elevator Pitches. He has provided many people with successful guidance in their search for venture capital.

The "Youtube for Entrepreneurs" TV4B (TV 4 Business, not longer online). Edo started TV4B in November of 2006. TV4B went live in April 2007 and has since been acquired by another company.

Edo came up with the idea for Tracebuzz, among the very first products for Webcare, Online Monitoring and Social Media Analysis, in 2009. As its initiator and founder, he helped set up and build Tracebuzz.

Elevator Pitch Coach, Trainer

Edo offers a great many courses, particularly in the areas of communication and presentation. He teaches how to present effectively and how to speak with passion and joy in front of a live audience or camera.

Edo conducts training courses for all kinds of candidates for major competitions, TED and TEDx talks, as well as teaching students at various universities and colleges.

Business en Pitch Coach, Trainer, Mentor

From 2008-2011, Edo guided student entrepreneurs taking part in the Minor Entrepreneurship of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Since 2009, Edo has been a trainer and coach for the Minor Entrepreneurship at NHL (Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden).

Edo has been a trainer, coach and mentor at the business incubators Yes!Delft and UtrechtInc, and a trainer and coach at Climate-KIC NL, Programma Groeiversneller and Port4Growth since 2013.

Video-interviews en videoproductions

As a result of his interview and video work for TV4B, Edo has become a valued video interviewer and producer with his own unique style. Edo was one of the first people to walk around with a camera and microphone at fairs and events, a phenomenon that has since inspired a legion of new businesses. Edo's work can be seen in the inspiring web-tv format: Talk&Do-TV or on YouTube, centering on two themes: Entrepreneurial passion and the Elevator Pitch.

Since 2009, Edo is the regular interviewer and producer of resume videos for two reintegration companies. Edo also works as a producer and interviewer for ACE.TV (Inspiring Alumni entrepreneurs in Amsterdam.)

Public Speaker

Edo has been selflessly disseminating his knowledge and experience via the entrepeneurial forum HigherLevel. He blogged for Sprout on the topic of venture capital on their Sprout Expertblog. He blogged about VC and Start-ups on Sprout Startblog in 2006. In 2011, Edo van Santen was appointed o Adobe Video Ambassador for Talk&Do.TV.

Summary CV Edo van Santen

1970-1978: Spinoza Lyceum Amsterdam
1979-1980: Military service
1980-1984: Assistant Accountant at Amro Bank NV
1984-1986: IT Security Manager at Chase Manhattan Bank
1986-1990: Manager Technical Support Foreign Offices, ABN Amro Bank
1990-1992: Consultant at Management Share NV
1993-1996: Manager Software at Coseco International BV
1996-2005: Director KPMG, business unit Qubus Software

2005-now: Start Elevator Pitch, Media and Presentation Training
2005-now: Start Venture Capital Coach BV
2007-2008: Founder/owner TV 4 Business BV
2008-2011: Parttime teacher at Hogeschool van Amsterdam
2008-now: Producer and interviewer for Talk&Do-TV
2009-2010: Creator and co-founder of TraceBuzz
2009-2010: Producer and interviewer ACE-TV
2009-now: Trainer/coach at Minor Ondernemen van de NHL
2011-now: YouTube Business Partner
2011-2015: Adobe Video Ambassador
2013-now: Trainer/Coach/Mentor at Yes!Delft
2013-now: Trainer/Coach/Mentor at UtrechtInc
2013-now: Trainer/Coach at Programma Groeiversneller and Port4Growth
2013-now: Trainer/Coach at Climate-KIC NL

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