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The Perfect Elevator Pitch

Cutting straight to the core, the heart of your product, service or company in under two minutes, in a way that will win your audience over: that’s an Elevator Pitch. A lot of people find it hard to do. It is. Some would say it takes a week’s time to prepare for an elevator pitch or sales pitch. This site will offer you tips on how to give a Perfect Elevator Pitch.

Mega emotion in Elevator Pitch of Janine Schouls, training by Elevator Pitch Trainer/Coach/Speaker Edo van Santen

"Edo is extremely straightforward, knows how to motivate you and supplies you with the tools you need to sell yourself during an Elevator Pitch for investors."

Ten times a day

What makes the ability to deliver an Elevator Pitch so important? Is it about impressing investors? Of course it's about more than just that. In the course of an average day, you will give about ten Elevator Pitches. In a price quote, on your website, or during a conversation with a family member. A lot of people seem to find it hard to limit themselves to the core of their message, without sharing unnecessary details. For the purposes of an Elevator Pitch, it's important to explain your product, service or company with as much enthusiasm as possible.

Powerpoint or Maximal Impact? by Elevator Pitch Trainer/Coach/Speaker Edo van Santen

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