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"The best training ever!"

Emma Voerman - Learning how to Talk

Emma Voerman about Edo van Santen "I have this Talk. Not only a heartfelt story, but a story on multiple levels. I hate one-dimensional stories. Always have. I did this talk, and the reactions were great, so I new I got a winner.

But I wanted to make sure that I had no blind spots on being a speaker. I needed a coach to walk me through my talk. But, here’s the problem. Not just any coach. I don’t want to learn tricks of the trade, and I certainly don’t need someone that is going to straighten my oddities. My oddities are mine! I don’t want them to be straightened out. They are what make me brilliant. In short, I needed someone I could trust.

I knew only one such person: Edo van Santen. I worked a whole day with him, and I can tell you it was so much fun that only afterwards I noticed I had been working (I was exhausted). The thing about Edo is that he LOVES your oddities. He knows that they are your assets. Working with him is learning to have the courage to bring out the you-est in you. And that’s how you will shine. And yes, he knows all the tricks of the trade as well. Thanks Edo, it was a pleasure to work with you. TEDx here I come!"

Ragna Arnott-van den Berg

Ragna Arnott-van den Berg about Edo van Santen "I attended a workshop given by Edo. Almost 2 years later, I found myself on a stage at TEDxMaastricht. When I felt overwhelmed by the grandeur of the theater in which it would all be happening, I relived hearing his voice and remembered his tips. "Look at the corners of the room you are in. Make it yours!" And so I did. The obvious pleasure he took from standing in front of an audience and his many valuable tips rubbed off on me and allowed me to enjoy delivering my TEDtalk. Thanks Edo!"

Erin Bertocci - Accenture

Erin Bertocci Client Quote on Edo van Santen "Quick email to thank you for the training session today; I had a unanimous, extremely good feedback from the team. Thanks Edo!" (Watch Video)

Mirte Gosker

Mirte Gosker about Edo van Santen "Edo has mastered the art of coaching. He gives great insights and feedback on your work (in my case, an Elevator Pitch) while respecting your individual style and choices. Edo combines strong theoretical know-how with brilliant execution. His ability to make you believe in yourself is noteworthy and his relentless trust and patience are amazing. I would definitely recommend Edo as a coach and elevator-pitch trainer. Edo makes people shine onstage!"

Anneke Krakers

Anneke Krakers about Edo van Santen "I am thankful for Edo's help with my event Upgrade Welzijn. He helped each and every Pitch Award participant to realize their full potential, and showed a lot of love and dedication in doing so. Edo helps you come up with solutions, encourages you along the way and is extremely reliable. I can recommend Edo's help wholeheartedly."

Floor Cartens

Floor Cartens about Edo van Santen "Overwhelming - in the most positive sense of the word! One of the trainers at the "Bijzondere Verhalenbeurs" was Edo van Santen, media trainer. He is a remarkable man. He asked me questions, let me practice and had a unique and amazing insight into presenting. All of this made me extremely happy. His ideas really struck a chord with me; I was able to apply them immediately and see the impact of this new approach for myself. After my meeting with Edo I was overloaded with ideas and emotionally moved. It felt good. I can use the information he imparted; in fact, I'm looking forward to doing so. I am ready to take the next step!"

Michiel Galama

Michiel Galama about Edo van Santen "Edo trained seven candidates to pitch ideas to the Dragons' Den. Within a couple of hours, the candidates were transformed from nervous, mediocre presenters into cutting edge and concentrated pitchers. The enjoyable, thorough and comprehensibly-structured training led to big results. True value for your money!"

Annette Dölle

Annette Dölle about Edo van Santen "I was lucky enough to participate in one of Edo van Santen's pitch training. He successfully put me back in touch with my core; helping me realize what my strengths and challenges were in just a few hours' time. I learned it was possible for me to 'sell' my company effectively within one minute. He was constantly communicating with his audience, both as a whole and on an individual level, and gave constructive feedback as well. He is such a good trainer that even days later, I was still sifting through the information from the course in my head and finding ways to better myself. Thank you so much for all the insights and discoveries!"

Marcellien Breedveld

Marcellien Breedveld about Edo van Santen "Edo gave a pitch training to our clients, entrepreneurs, both established and new, who participated in the competition "Het beste idee van Amsterdam-West!" I saw our clients achieve a high level of pitching prowess that really enabled them to bring their concepts to life. Brilliant. Even being a trainer myself, I learned a great deal and I now use a lot of the information and tips as well: the UBRs, for example. Many thanks!"

Thomas Beguin

Thomas Beguin about Edo van Santen "Edo's pitch training was fun and informative; it made a valuable contribution to our winning New Venture pitch."

Manette Zeelenberg

Manette Zeelenberg about Edo van Santen "During the New Venture Pitch training, Maarten Bennis and I were coached by Edo van Santen. I especially appreciated how his feedback was both in-depth and observant. It was clear to me that Edo has a wealth of experience. He taught me how to enjoy giving a pitch in front of a jury, a skill I can use for the rest of my life. Thank you, Edo!"

Marlowe Antonius

Marlowe Antonius about Edo van Santen "If you want to conquer a stage like Hercules, you should definitely attend an Elevator Pitch training session given by Edo van Santen. You will make amazing progress as a presenter in just one day. You'll get to know all your individual do's and dont's, and find out how to deliver a powerful presentation. You will use your own strength to make your audience sit up and take notice. Since taking part in Edo’s Elevator Pitch training at GNR8, I finally enjoy stepping onto a stage. My colleagues and I are now aware of our strengths and how to catch and keep an audience's interest right up to the end of the presentation. One of our interns said it was the best day of their internship."

Chantal de Kruijf

Chantal de Kruijf about Edo van Santen "On October 26th, we attended a presentation training by Edo. It was in one word amazing. His enlightening take on presenting and the way he passed on his knowledge were both inspiring and instructive. Thanks to Edo, my future presentations will be a totally new experience. Not just for my audience, but for myself as well. Thanks again!"

Eugenia Mangana

Eugenia Mangana about Edo van Santen "The best training ever!"

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