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Camera Coaching and Video Coaching

WebTV, YouTube, a personal pitch video. You want to make one of your own, but the question is: How? How do you use your camera and what are the do's and don’ts? This course will teach you, so that you can make your first Elevator Pitch Video immediately! You will learn how to handle a camera and you get your first Elevator Pitch Video.

Media Coaching and TV Coaching

You have regular contact with the media, or you get invited to appear on a talk show or another TV show. You regularly find yourself in the spotlights and want to know how to make a strong impression so that you can handle difficult questions. During this course you learn these skills as we practice the "Rutger/Pownews" effect! You will also learn how to handle the media and how to effectively deliver your own message to the audience, no matter which questions you are asked.

"I am so proud, I cannot wait until the moment I stand in front of a camera or on-stage for a group. Edo, Thanks a Million!"

Your own Talk show or TV show

You might want to make your own TV show or web show, or your own talk show. How does one do such a thing? How does one deal with the camera, lighting, sound or a studio? Discover the secrets of what goes on on the other side of the screen, so you will be able to perform confidently in a studio setting.

General information about the Camera, TV, Video, and Media Training

With the training and guidance of Edo van Santen, you will learn how to apply powerful presentation techniques utilizing your nonverbal body language and behavior. You will find out how to activate your audience with your energy and passion. You will also learn to enjoy presenting, enabling you to give a presentation that your audience will remember. Now imagine how being able to do this would make you feel. That's a good feeling, isn't it?

This course will teach you how to appear strong and confident in front of a camera, without any trace of fear or apparent effort. You will learn the secrets and intricacies of interacting with a camera. You will hear what you should keep in mind when presenting in front of a camera, as well as how to make your own YouTube Video.

Who is it for?

For entrepreneurs, professionals and those just starting out, companies, organizations and teams, directors, C-level, managers and anyone else looking to improve their presentation skills, their performance, or those who want to give “The Perfect Elevator Pitch.” And sorry, I don't do politicians.

Results of the Coaching/Training

You will be able to present more efficiently following this intensive and interactive course. Be it an Elevator Pitch, Sales Pitch or speech, you will be able to master them all, and more. You will influence your audience without the aid of PowerPoint or Prezi. You will be able to gain and keep your audience’s attention, win them over and increase your influence. And the best part? You will enjoy every moment.

Watch more video fragments of the workshop giving Winning Presentations.
Discover the secret of the Elevator Pitch, nonverbal body language and behavior, and presentation techniques.


In a word, YES! As a trainer, interviewer and web video maker, Edo combines theory and experience garnered from hundreds of presentations and courses. He will be glad to pass all this knowledge on to you, so that you, too can become an amazing presenter. This course teaches you how to apply a unique combination of presentation techniques, body language, nonverbal behavior, storytelling and the Elevator Pitch.


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I look forward to guiding you or your team as you learn to give Winning Presentations with passion and joy. I offer Amazing Courses for achieving Amazing Results.

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"Truly amazing! Edo knows how to help you give presentations that are 100% based on your own strengths, and to do it in front of both a camera and an audience. I was really nervous about getting in front of an audience or camera, because it was something I wasn't very good at, but now I know I can handle it! I am so proud, and I can hardly wait for my next chance to give a presentation in front of a camera or an audience. Edo, I can't thank you enough!"


Phone Office: +31-85-246-0154

Mobile: +31-6-109-609-09

(if Mobile not available,
call my Office please)

Call Edo van Santen at +31-6-10960909

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