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Pitch and Presentation Coach/Trainer, Public Speaker

Edo van Santen is leading specialist in the art of the Elevator Pitch and Presentation Training, Coaching and Speaking.

"I Empower You to Win"

I help you with the structure and contents of your pitch or presentation, and breakthrough presentation techniques. I teach you how to present yourself without fear, helping you to enjoy the experience instead, while utilizing your own strengths and passion in an authentic fashion. Public speaking, delivered to a group, on-stage or in front of a camera.

I offer individual coaching or group training for your Elevator Pitch, Sales Pitch, Public Speaking, on a stage of for a camera.

"Your product, idea or business deserves a great pitch. I love to help you!"

Guaranteed Results and Maximal Impact

Honestly, I have the unique ability to help you identify your strength and discover how to overcome the fears that are holding you back. Once you know these, you will be able to shine in front of a crowd, on a stage or in front of a camera. Aided by these breakthrough techniques, anyone — including you — can give a winning presentation.

You deserve Gold!

As a trainer and coach, I accomplish amazing results. I always strive to get the best out of people. If you are “going for the gold”, I am the perfect trainer and coach for you! If you’re willing to settle for mediocre results, the proverbial silver or even bronze, please look elsewhere for a trainer.

Just for the Rich-and-Famous? No worries, it's for you too

The training can benefit entrepreneurs, CXOs, professionals, companies, organizations and teams, directors, managers, scientists and students. It's for anyone looking to improve their presentation skills or performance, or those who want to deliver The Perfect Elevator Pitch.

Edo van Santen as Guest or Keynote Speaker at your event

I love to share my knowledge and experience on how to communicate with maximum impact. As Public Speaker at your event, network meeting, "customer day" or staff event.

Elevator Pitch and Presentation Training, Coaching

✓ Do you want to present effectively, without fear or anxiety?
✓ Looking to improve your presentation skills?
✓ Looking for an Executive Speech Coach?
✓ Do you want to be able to give The Perfect Elevator Pitch?
✓ Deliver a Winning Sales Pitch?
✓ Deliver a Inspiring Product Pitch?
✓ Be able to enjoy your pitch or presentation?
✓ Score maximal impact and results with your presentation?
✓ Interested in influencing a crowd of over 100, or even 1000 people, with the content of your message?
✓ Would you like to design your own TED or TEDx-Talk?

Take a look at Elevator Pitch and Public Speaking.

Training sessions for your Team, Department, Company or Organization

Elevator Pitch and Presentation Trainer Edo van Santen offers uniquely customized In-Company service solutions for your team, department, company or organization.

Select examples of the possibilities:

✓ A one-hour presentation at your event, conference or meeting;

✓ Individual coaching/guidance including VIP-Service;

✓ A Training or Workshop in Elevator Pitch, Public Speaking, Presenting in front of groups or onstage;

✓ A Training or Workshop in Camera, Video, TV and Media training.

These are just a few of the many options available to you. Naturally, all presentations will be fully customized to suit your wishes.

Elevator Pitch Examples and Presentation Inspiration

Are you searching for a rock-solid, inspiring example of an Elevator Pitch? Watch the Elevator Pitch Example Videos.

Do you want to give a winning presentation or do you want to deliver the Perfect Elevator Pitch? For advice on the content of your presentation, see Elevator Pitch Tips and for presentation tips see Presentation Tips (with videos).

Personal, Workshop, Training, Coach

As an Elevator Pitch coach/trainer and presentation coach/trainer, Edo is in a position to offer the best solutions for any target group. Under Edo van Santen's training and guidance, you will learn how to apply powerful presentation techniques utilizing your nonverbal body language and behavior.

Edo van Santen as your Coach/Trainer or Speaker?

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Phone Office: +31-85-246-0154

Mobile: +31-6-109-609-09

(if Mobile not available, call my Office please)

Call Edo van Santen at +31-6-10960909

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"I Empower You to Win"

Edo van Santen: The Elevator Pitch and Presentation Coach, Trainer, Speaker

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Phone Office: +31-85-246-0154

Mobile: +31-6-109-609-09

(if Mobile not available,
call my Office please)

Call Edo van Santen at +31-6-10960909

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