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The Secrets To My Success. I Breathe Fashion

A thorough and frank interview with entrepreneur/ fashionista Olcay Gulsen of Supertrash. How did she start her business? What went well? What went wrong? What's the secret to her succes? How did she fund the company? How does she balance business and pleasure? Dutch videomaker Edo van Santen, specialized in video interviews on entrepreneurship, talked with Olcay at Supertrash HQ in Amsterdam.

Supertrash is an it-girl label for those who love fashion and style. Created in LA by socialite Ava Rily the brand was formed with the idea of designing clothing with effortless style and personality. After Ava joined forces with Dutch entrepreneur and fashion designer Olcay Gulsen, Super Trash turned global and now holds a huge celebrity following.

Supertrash was awarded in 2010 with the Amsterdam Business Award 2010.

Recorded at Supertrash HQ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 9, 2011. Camera Michel Woutersen. Interview and Production by Edo van Santen.

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