Elevator Pitch Examples

Elevator Pitch Example Videos

In search of a rock-solid example of an Elevator Pitch? Here you will find a few inspiring, fantastic, amazing, strong and effective Elevator Pitches. Each of these videos was recorded after the individual on-screen had received coaching and training from Edo van Santen. Videos listed may be in either English or Dutch.
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Video Playlist: Inspiring Elevator Pitches

individual videos (open in YouTube in new tab):
Elevator Pitch of Janine Schouls at Upgrade Welzijn (Dutch)
Winnende Elevator Pitch of Margo Rijerkerk at Upgrade Welzijn (Dutch)
Marjolein Helder - Plant-e Elevator Pitch (English)
Elevator Pitch van Constant Lamp | Training Coaching Advies (Dutch)
Farid El Oualid - UbiQ Elevator Pitch (English)
Michael Munker / Photonics Healthcare Elevator Pitch (English)
Jan Smeitink - Khondrion Elevator Pitch (Dutch)
Eric Wielhouwer - Syntecnos Elevator Pitch (Dutch)
Jos Joore - Mimetas Elevator Pitch (English)
Sem Mekking / NightBalance Elevator Pitch (Dutch)
Chris Meijer / SelfScreen Elevator Pitch (Dutch)
Greenclaim pitch at Amsterdamse Student Entrepreneur Contest 2011 (Dutch)
Elevator Pitch Pauline van Dulken, Bizworld (Dutch)
Elevator Pitch Remco Janssen, Marketing en PR Visie (Dutch)
Elevator Pitch Marina van der Wal - Mamma weet alles (Dutch)
Ingrid Smit - Art2Advance - Elevator Pitch (Dutch)

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